I'm not talking about those fuzzy, turbulent feelings that have everyone's head in a spin at this time of year - spring can do strange things to people!

No, I'm talking about the revitalised economy.

The MICE sector is sensitive to economic cycles: we all know that much. We're used to companies that suddenly, in the middle of the week, on an unremarkable Wednesday, just before half past four, postpone all meetings for the rest of the year or cancel them altogether. These things are an inherent feature of our fast-moving and hectic professional existence. But global politics affects us too: local problems can turn into continent-wide concerns, meaning companies and other groups might suddenly decide it's best not to travel to a certain location after all, and hey, while they're at it, it's better not to travel anywhere within a 1,000-kilometre radius of the same place either.

There's a reason why economics is classed as one of the humanities at university: there's no exact science involved in the way our money moves. It's all about emotion, and often about fear too. I can't even attempt to explain how difficult life must be right now for our colleagues in Istanbul, or how our meeting partners in Brussels managed to get through last year.

But all of a sudden, everyone is feeling these recovery vibes. 'We have never had this many enquiries before', the general feeling goes. 'People are sick and tired of terrorism', some people confidently claim. 'The economy is doing great', the papers say.

And I agree, but these things have nothing to do with the past few years. Things have always been this way: we will always continue to receive enquiries and people will continue to want to meet face to face. The only thing we need to be wary of is being naive enough to think that successful multi-nationals won't suddenly decide to seek cost savings, that world politics won't impact our operations and that the emotional beast that is the economy will suddenly transform into some kind of rational system.

We at Seauton try to engage with these issues proactively. But sometimes we might move too quick - we need to stay focused.

I hope everyone has a fruitful spring, but just make sure you get your contracts signed and your payments in the bank sooner rather than later.

Until next month,


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