Jan asked me whether, as the Marketing & Communications Manager at Seauton, I would like to write a blog. Err... YES! There's nothing I like doing more!

This is where it's at

Right here in downtown Wijgmaal. At the best company ever: Seauton International, the ultimate point of reference in the meeting industry, and above all, the ultimate challenger to all other meeting businesses that exist in the Benelux and far beyond. 'But why?', you might ask. Let me make you a list. But read on at your own risk: your career will never be the same again!

1. Our CEO is a total dude

Think Mark Oliver Everett (both looks and writing skills (p.s. the Eels singer, duh!)) meets Elon Musk (a man with a plan. Actually, not just one plan. So many plans.). Jan Samyn will never be able to shake off his West Flemish roots, but to us, he's one of the quirkiest human beings in and around Leuven. Jan runs a business with lots and lots and lots of women - attractive women - and some handsome men too, every single one a talented person and blessed with common sense. Every single one a bit of a character - or people with a screw loose, to put it in Jan's own words. It takes hair on your chest, legs, and maybe your chin too to be able to run a business like this.

2. Life's a holiday - as long as we want it to be

Because we're always being invited to do all the things we love...
Tasting event at Ramada Plaza Antwerp. Fam trip to Athens with Bea Moors of Wyndham Hotel Group. Dinner at the RAS in Antwerp with Provence Cote d'Azur. Fam trip to Sri Lanka. Yes, really. Sri actual Lanka...
But mostly, we don't really have time for these things. Oh no, we're too busy working. I know, I know... but I'm going to go on regardless. (I'm getting paid for this. Srsly.)

3. Fun projects

The funnest projects. A car launch in Lapland. We did that. Present the sports line of a lingerie brand in Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. Check. A lifestyle event with Mark Ronson in Ibiza. Double check. Manage conferences in Barcelona, Washington, San Diego, Liverpool (how cool is that place!), Vienna, Rome, Geneva. Tick. Organise one of the biggest conferences in Multiple Sclerosis Neurology in Italy. That just happened. The list goes on, but I'll leave it there.

4. We have Freddie.

What more can I say. We have Fred.

5. And one final perk

Cava Friday. Go to New York with the entire office, have a party on the rooftop of the finest 5* hotel in Times Square. Yoga on a Monday and chunky soup on a Tuesday. Spend more time abroad than here in our office. Did I mention Cava Friday?

I told you so: this is where it's at. Nowhere else. So, let's get to the point of this blog: we're looking for colleagues. That's right. All details are on our website. Go forth, have a browse and spread the word.

All the best,


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