It’s a mistake that isn’t made just in our industry, so we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves.

What I actually want to say is that we sometimes have to tell the customer what they want to hear.

And to be honest, there was a time when I would really have to force myself to keep focused, to avoid allowing all those hyper original ideas and concepts with which we inspire and convince our clients, all that fantastically cool creative input and our self-assured professional advice to, in the end, after the sale, to sag somewhat and to drop off, the force of a storm becoming a light sea breeze. Because, once the invoice has been sent, it’s suddenly not quite so important any more, that dynamic live-streaming with eight cameras at the event, the live interviews in a transparent studio with a fantastic networking event in the background, an original and energetic coffee break, entirely sustainable, sir, all local products, madam... And the interaction, good grief, there will be so much interaction in our meeting that people will spontaneously burst into tears of joy. All the expertise on hand and the personal testimonies! And we’ll vote, vote from every corner of the world, and we’ll press our digital buttons and coloured graphs will appear, clear to everyone, setting out our well-considered opinions on the spot. And at the end of that innovative, unforgettable conference, we’ll have even revised our opinions, enriched by all that extra, cleverly illustrated, high-grade information, and people will embrace each other, no doubt about it, and new initiatives will spontaneously see the light of day. And at night, at night, eternal alliances will be made. Drunk on inspiration, we won’t be able to close our eyes.

I’m a happy man because I don’t have to force myself to keep that focus; it's simple I have a fantastic team who oblige me to.
And now, before the summer holidays, just before our company day, this is an ode to my team. A top team that compels me to maintain our course, to do what we promise our customers. Each of them is a driven person who goes on motivating me to work even more on quality, to push our boundaries every day, to keep innovating and, in the end, to keep performing at a mind-boggling level.

Thank you and with warm regards,


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