Rome, Italy
Client case
A two day plenary meeting with several break-out sessions

What? Medpace Inc. is a clinical research organization and drug and medical device development service, critical to the advancement of global clinical trials.

Target audience? Researchers and hospital staff participated at two days plenary meeting and break-out sessions. The objective was to share information and get trained for the initiation of a clinical trial.

Number of participants? 77 doctors and specialists from 4 different countries

This is what we did:

  • Identification of a suitable hotel and meeting infrastructure in Rome.
  • Proposal and execution of meeting set-up.
  • Development and execution of a branding and communication strategy.
  • Formulating proposals and arrange the necessary food&beverages.
  • Formulate proposals and follow up on all logistics: flights, transfers, audio-visual installation, shipments.
  • Overall project management.
  • Guidance on site.
SEAUTON proposed and evaluated several options and alternatives, thoroughly planned the event and ensured seamless organization of the meeting. Thanks to the SEAUTON team the organization and flow of the meeting went smoothly and was a success!
Patrick Winkler Clinical Trial Manager, Medpace Inc.