Can all events be delivered remotely? Yes. These are unprecedented times, of course. In a matter of days the global landscape had changed enormously. And yes, the meetings industry has been affected tremendously. Events, meetings, congresses, conferences, they all had to be cancelled or postponed. Thousands of them.  'Traditional' face-to-face meetings, events, congresses and conferences can no longer be organised. But. With the current technology, anything from productlaunches over scientific sessions to workshops to annual meetings can be delivered virtually. Just to give you an idea, here are some futureproof digital solutions to connect people all over the world. 

All events, meetings and conferences can be delivered virtually

1. Live stream

Digitize your event and broadcast it to as many participants as you want.
Digitization of speakers can be done at a central event venue, a specific location, in a fully equipped studio,…

2. On demand streaming

All your presentations and videos are recorded in advance. At a specific time, we publish your digital event so that it is available upon demand, anytime, anywhere.

3. Digital meeting

Ideal for a limited number of participants, allowing interaction and presentations in two-way directions: a video conference.

4. Virtual reality

Build your event in a virtual world.

5. Branded digital event venue

Via their browser, participants can check-in to an event, find all necessary information, access the stream.

6. Event experience box

A custom made, branded box designed to bring in some live experience feeling.
Sent and delivered to all participants before the start of the event, the box can contain a participant badge, catering, documentation, branded gadgets,….

7. Mobile app

Facilitating human interaction and engagement. A means to communicate with participants and provide networking opportunities among participants.

These digital event solutions are organised by Streamdis, Event Pilots and Seauton International. 

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