At SEAUTON, we like to be inspired and be an inspiration to others. Our CEO Jan Samyn, for instance, is a respected expert in the MICE industry and is often invited as a keynote speaker at congresses around the world, from Kenya to Japan. 

MICE in Africa

Last March, Jan Samyn visited AMEX, the African MICE Expo that took place at the Kenyan Convention Centre. He was invited there to talk about the future of the MICE industry in Africa. SEAUTON also signed a memorandum with the Kenyan Minister of Tourism, a commitment to share knowledge with our MICE colleagues in Africa. Tourism students and professionals from the MICE sector will be able to follow university masterclasses, taught by SEAUTON staff.

Tokyo 2020

The Olympics are a unique opportunity for the event sector. Jan Samyn travelled to Tokyo to give a masterclass about this subject to a group of fifty Japanese companies and other stakeholders. The masterclass was part of economic mission organised by Agoria’s Sports Technology Club that helps Belgian companies look for business opportunities during the Olympics in Japan.

Jan Samyn: “The Olympics offer this industry a momentum. It’s an opportunity we should grab with both hands. Japanese companies want to learn how they can use the Olympics to their commercial advantage and how to bring more MICE business to Japan.”

Next stop: Borneo

Jan Samyn’s next stop is the ICCA congress in Borneo in October. ICCA is a worldwide community for companies in the event sector with activities in over 85 countries. Every year, about 800 professionals from all over the world visit the congress. This year it will take place on the Malaysian island Borneo.

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