As a PCO-agency (Professional Congress Organiser) with over 17 years of experience, here are just a few tips when planning, executing and evaluating congresses. Today, we publish part 1.


Manage your communication, on all fronts

  • Make sure you know precisely how your client sees things, and clearly align expectations.
  • Double-check which other congresses and events will be taking place within the work field of your client and/or association before setting the final congress date.
  • The amount of congresses that are being organised these days is huge, so see to it that your “save the date” is sent out nice and early, allowing your potential guests and participants to block their dairy well ahead of time.


Leave stress management to be desired

  • Think ahead and never settle for just a Plan A: make sure to have a Plan B or even C and D in the pipeline. Congress speakers miss their flights, moderators fall ill, the catering service ends up being understaffed, … that is simply the reality of our work field! Always expect the unexpected and, as such, deprive stress of its foothold.
  • When moments of stress do surface, don’t let them take over. Remember you are the expert here: you have successfully done this many times before, so keep the faith in your own abilities alive and kicking. And above all: react!
  • Don’t let any waves of stress you might experience wash over others you work together with, whether or not they are on your in-house team. Try to always stay calm & composed, friendly and optimistic, and bear in mind that positive vibes and a bubbly team can move mountains!

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