Age: 40
Works at SEAUTON since: October 2015
Function: International Sales Manager
Dream destination: “The South Pole (Antarctica) and Patagonia have fascinated me ever since I was a teenager. Both places confront you with nature’s powers in their purest form. To be able to stand at the Earth’s southernmost point seems like the most extraordinary feeling. If I would also be able to spot some whales, orcas and emperor penguins, I would be completely and totally happy.”
Likes: “Too much to sum up here. Jogging in the rain (the harder it’s raining, the more I love it), pleasant surprises, to feel the warmth of the sun on a cold winter’s day, take my first coffee of the day outside on my terrace, while the sun is still rising, laughing, parties with bubbles.”
Dislikes: “Narrow-mindedness, injustice and candied fruits.”

How did you find your job at SEAUTON?

“Do you want to hear the true story? Two of my current colleagues have been nagging at me for two years, until I finally decided to apply for a job here. They were very persistent, but they were right. I am so glad I took the step and it’s getting more fun every day.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Every client and each project is unique at SEAUTON. We always aim high and are willing to step outside of our comfort zone at any time. Every time we prepare a pitch or a project we want to prove ourselves and exceed our own standards. That’s why clients are often very enthusiastic from the very start of a project, which is inspiring for both parties. It also helps us to get to know clients very quickly, as we not only give them strategic advice or inspire them with ideas, but also work together very closely from the earliest phase of the project onwards.

For me personally, it is very rewarding to be there from the very start of the project, to see it evolve, and to hear a client’s positive feedback afterwards. All of our projects are teamwork, of course, and we all aim for the same top quality and great service. When a project is finished we organise a meeting with all the team members to evaluate the project and to celebrate the result with a small drink. I hope we will be having lots of drinks together in the future.”

What’s the coolest request you’ve ever received and why?

“In fact, all of the projects we’re working on right now are interesting. Sometimes we spend a lot of time on one single project, which evolves or takes a surprising turn along the way. Maybe the coolest project ever is yet to come, who knows. You know what? Let’s invite everyone with a great project to get in touch and I promise to give you my top three in the next newsletter!”

Where do you find inspiration for your events?

“I find inspiration everywhere. It can come unexpectedly, after an interesting conversation, an intriguing article, through research, music, pictures, a story one of my colleagues has told me, etc. Most of the time inspiration is a process, it’s an idea or a concept that is able to mature in your head, by associative thinking and thinking out of the box, by dreaming and taking action. Using your imagination helps too. My head is always working, and the inspiring environment at SEAUTON keeps it going.”

Which customer would you like to work for? Who is the ideal match for SEAUTON?

“I can think of a few there, and I have told most of them that I would love to work for them. So no worries, they’ve been informed.”

What are the most important trends in the MICE industry today?

“Content, content sharing and interactivity are a must if you’re organising a meeting or a congress. Time is valuable, so if someone decides to go to a meeting or a congress he or she needs to get something in return. People want to learn something and share their knowledge with others.

I also see that a lot of companies are working on customer and employee loyalty. Their aim is to give clients and employees a unique and memorable experience, in an informal environment where everyone feels comfortable.”

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