Welcome to the 21st century, where interaction with your audience is key to keep that audience interested and turn them into real promotors of your message, product or service.

Your key note presentation? A product launch for your sales teams? 

Did you ever consider broadcasting live events over the internet?

Organisations plan business events to get a message across to those invited and to gather as much feedback as possible. However, some of the invitees can’t make it because they lack the resources : no time, too expensive, traffic jams! flights! train delay!

Hence: let’s record the live event and broadcast it via the internet to a pre-invited target group. It could also be collaborators or customers that don't need to attend the entire event but are specifically interested in hearing the key note or a specific product presentation. Thus: you offer customised content to the target group: great! It will keep them motivated and interested.

Next step is to get that motivated target group to provide useful feedback on the content you shared. You could offer them the event’s mobile application, other conversations tools or a live stream platform allows immediate feedback options: voting, questions, etc.

Ideally, the live event uses the feedback immediately into its presentation to offer a ‘direct return on investment’ to the audience.

The time of one way events is definitely over. Live streaming is one of the answers: its cost effective, surprisingly interactive and increases your target audience.

In September we will publish our 10 do's and dont's in livestreaming. Let's stay in touch!

Source: Stefaan De Corte, Senior Project Manager SEAUTON

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