Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE for short) remained significant networking tools for businesses in 2015. Seauton International is a rapidly growing MICE service in the European meetings industry. From its headquarters in Wijgmaal, Seauton founder Jan Samyn recently announced a 1 million euro investment aimed at boosting the company's growth.

SEAUTON clearly pursues an international course and is a fast growing MICE-company in the European meeting industry. Recently, SEAUTON invested 1 million Euros to support the company’s growth.

“Despite the subsequent economic crises, we were able to keep developing our business. Customers believe in what we do”, says SEAUTON founder Jan Samyn. “We have decided to take the next step. We will use the investment of 1 million Euros to outline and structure our existing products and develop new and innovative solutions as an answer to the market demand.”

SEAUTON is the market leader in the Belgian healthcare industry and a reference in the European MICE industry. “That did not prevent us from making further investments in this industry: because we know it so well, we see a lot of opportunities”, says Jan Samyn. The stakeholders in this industry are looking for innovative partners. Where others only see obstacles, we look at this as an opportunity. The industry needs a clear and transparent deontological frame and that’s what we want to respond to.”

Thanks to this approach, The European Charcot Foundation has appointed SEAUTON as its operational and strategic partner. This Foundation is one of the most important players in MS research. SEAUTON offers organisations like these pioneering solutions.

In the last few years, SEAUTON has also been working on its portfolio in other sectors, an approach that is already showing interesting results. “We are now a lead agency for Toyota Europe”, Jan Samyn explains. “Since the automotive industry is an extremely competitive and international market, we were only able to achieve this result through enthusiastic teamwork. The fact that we achieved these results so quickly, strengthen our belief that our investments are paying off.”

SEAUTON’s approach has also been noticed by its own industry. Last November, SEAUTON was invited to speak about the future of the healthcare industry at the meeting industry’s world congress (ICCA) in Buenos Aires. Earlier in 2015, Jan Samyn was a guest speaker at a congress organised by the United Nations (UNWTO) and the European Travel Commission. Upcoming March, SEAUTON will be key-note speaker at the African Mice Expo (AMEX) to address the future of MICE in Africa.

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