Our streaming partner Streamdis gives you all the tips & tricks to make your streaming videos a success.

1. A fixed and dedicated Internet line

To livestream audio and video you need a bandwidth that allows more than ten smartphone users to upload data simultaneously, without any safety restrictions or firewalls. Preferably, you should use a dedicated Internet line with a guaranteed bandwidth. If there are no other options, you can also use a wireless connection.

2. Teach the teacher

An online streaming video makes your event permanent, so make sure you invite a good keynote speaker who knows how to engage both an onsite and an online audience by greeting them and looking at the camera and by offering them the possibility to ask questions onsite and online. A strict timing is an absolute must if you don’t want your online audience to tune out.

3. Aim for 100% coverage

The coverage percentage tells you which part of the video someone watched online. An eighty-percent coverage is considered to be very good. You achieve this kind of coverage with great content, an interesting speaker, good-quality (audio)visual material and lighting and a good online format. If a speaker uses slides or handouts, also make them available in the streaming version. Your online audience should feel as if they were attending your event in person.

4. Calculate your ROI

Streaming companies are able to measure precisely who has been watching what for how long. Event organisers can use that information for evaluation and reporting. Streaming videos are also great publicity for your events: as a teaser, promotion channel, etc.

5. Make it easier

Where will the event take place, what’s the goal of your event and what does the planning look like: that is all your streaming partner needs to know to make the streaming project a success. He will put a component online that is able to adapt to the programme dynamically and on-the-fly, no matter how many speaker sessions you are planning.

6. Sponsoring

Streaming offers a wide range of sponsoring opportunities: from perfectly integrated banners to commercials before or after every streaming video. It’s a great way to cover your streaming costs.

7. Test your system

Do you want everyone to be able to watch your streaming video? Send out your invitations on time and launch a test to make sure everything is working.

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