This is my first contribution to BBT Online with thanks to BBT's Karin and Seauton's Janna.
I recently read the following claim about young people: "Young people are unable to see the consequences of their actions — they always choose what benefits them in the short term. They are fickle, and sometimes, they are simply reckless."
Some people insist that good communication is the key to everything, but I beg to differ.
I hope—actually, I know—that Robrecht will forgive me for using this blog to blatantly promote our Summer Party at Thor Park in Genk.
"Why don't you write something about VAT?", says Jana, our communications manager. Write about VAT? How could I possibly write anything interesting about VAT?
​It’s a mistake that isn’t made just in our industry, so we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves.
Right here in downtown Wijgmaal.
I'm talking about the revitalised economy.
Gaga, insane, totally nuts. I know I've said it before. And I'll say it again: we don't get any grumpy people in our Remy tower in Wijgmaal, but there are one or two who are a little bit crazy.
I'm exaggerating. Of course, I'm exaggerating. There are always companies that organise incentives either for their own employees or for their clients.
So it's a slightly toned down blog this time. After all, it's not for nothing that this is the ‘candles, gifts, bells, Mariah Carey songs and fire in the grate time of year’.
If my colleagues are to be believed, I am the only customer of working in the meetings industry.
No, I'm not talking about a morning jog past Tokyo's beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms.
But I mustn't show any emotion, and I'll simply act like it's totally normal.
Roll up, roll up, come and see the White Elephants of Rio