Stress, low morale, long-term absenteeism, burnout and depression… they have become a problem in an increasing number of companies. The Bakala Academy and Seauton have been working on a solution to this problem. Because we believe that a healthy working environment plays a key role in people’s wellbeing, we developed a programme that helps organisations create a healthy culture of exercise.

Science-based exercise and nutrition programme

Healthy workers show a greater capacity to deal with stress, are more productive and experience a better quality of life. That is why exercise policies that support a healthy culture at work are an excellent way to prevent burnout, stress and depression, and to reduce absenteeism. The BAKALA Fit & Healthy Program offers a science-based exercise and nutrition program tailored to organisations’ needs. The focus is on enjoyable exercise for each participant, with the benefits of physical fitness, health and quality of life in all its facets.

Benefits of the Fit and Healthy programme

1. Raise the level of awareness amongst all employees.
2. Act on prevention towards ‘low health risk’.
3. Improve employee performance.
4. Develop an accessible program for all employees.
5. Establish a long-term solution through constant measuring and by inquiring, inspiring and consolidating.

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