Apps we simply can’t do without! 

At Seauton, we treasure efficiency and continuous improvement. So every time we find out about some App or website that can help us manage our projects even better, we simply use it to our heart’s content!

 And since we feel strongly that duplication of work is a waste of effort, we decided to share with you our Top 6 of favourite Apps  – that way, you don’t have to spend your precious time and energy just to come to the same conclusions!

 1. XE Currency: This user-friendly and accurate App is a must on any traveller’s smartphone and/or tablet. It allows you to calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates in seconds with the tap of just a few buttons - online or even offline!

2. Google Maps: Because we are always on the look-out for the right, quickest and most beautiful way of getting from point A to point B, wherever in the world we are.

3. LinkedIn: Because, in our opinion, there is no more convenient way to super-quickly find the right contact person of any hotel, venue or supplier.

4. Vivino: The ultimate wine App with more than 27 million users worldwide to help you make the perfect wine selection – right there, on the spot – and to even help you remember your selection for next time. 

5. CamCard: THE business card App (loved by no less than 100 million users!), allowing you to scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards in a truly efficient way.

6. FlightStats: The undisputed leader in global flight and airport information, allowing you to check the live flight status of any flight around the world – whether you’re on board or on land!

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