SEAUTON has been the Bakala Academy’s preferred strategic events partner for about 18 months now. Why did you engage in a partnership with SEAUTON?

“We had already worked with SEAUTON on the concept creation of the Bakala Academy 2012-2013, but SEAUTON’s expertise in strategy and logistics was also a decisive factor. They are a perfect match with our strong academic content and our spin-off environment. And last but not least, their team is just as young, dynamic and motivated as ours.”

What is the advantage of this partnership for the Bakala Academy?

“We are working together on several projects, of which our continuous training project is one of the eye-catchers. It is a project for a dynamic pharmaceutical company that creates strong content for doctors and pharmacists. Since the project was so successful in 2016, it will be continued in 2017.”

What makes the Bakala Academy’s approach so different, what’s your distinguishing feature?

“Last year, after we had made our mark in sports and R&D, the Bakala Academy expanded its activities to the corporate market. The first thing we noted was that companies are becoming aware that if they want to boost employee performance, they will need to implement a fitness and health programme. Secondly, we noticed that when it comes to fitness and health the focus of many organisations is either short-term or event-based. As a result, the dropout numbers of current health programmes were far too high and the effects on the organisation were minimal. To counter this dropout effect, the Bakala Academy and SEAUTON worked out a strategic plan with concrete steps that will allow companies to become fitter and healthier within a period of three to five years. After that period, organisations will be able to consolidate the strategy on their own, without our support."

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