For 20 years now, SEAUTON is known for its innovative approach. That’s why I don’t want to focus on the past in this blog. At SEAUTON, we like to look ahead.

So, no long stories about how I used to send my booking requests by fax – up to 50 faxes to 50 different hotels, for the same small group of 13 people - to receive 50 answers back by fax (of course). Within a month (with some luck), on thermal paper and most of the time with a handwritten message that the hotel was fully booked.

From those days, I especially remember the passion for my job, organizing challenging events and exploring new destinations. I remember the thrill of the adventure.

 The qualities that characterize SEAUTON today were already present at the time. A perfectionism very close to fanaticism – aiming for excellence with each of our events – and a continuous search for great experiences, interesting clients and challenging assignments.

 SEAUTON is a lot of things, but first and foremost we are a team. A group of unique personalities, with a signature of perfection that was installed by our very first employees. It strikes me that everyone in our team still embraces those core values with the same enthusiasm. Excellence has become part of our DNA. By the way, there is something else that strikes me: everyone at SEAUTON seems to be a little bit crazy …

 SEAUTON is ambitious and wants to keep growing. In size as well as in our relationships, with our customers – who are real partners to us - our suppliers and with our own team. We want to keep organizing more unique events and that is why we need to keep learning, listening and practicing self-criticism, because that is the motor of our ambition.

Last but not least, we are having a party … and there will be cake. The birthday cake will be delivered personally at your company’s doorstep, as from today!

The party will take place on Thursday the 29th of August at our offices in Leuven, so save that date now!

 If for some reason you don’t receive the invitation to our party, do give me a sign. Would you like to have a taste of that delicious birthday cake? Don’t hesitate to contact me. We will even send you napkins. 

You can email me at, or call me on +32 (0)475 34 31 20. The cake will be delivered personally by myself or someone of our team!