Age: 34
Works at SEAUTON since: August 2010
Function: COO since January 2016
Dream-destination: Australia
Likes: flamenco, finding out everything about all the newest hotspots everywhere in the world, whale and dolphin spotting
Dislikes: goat cheese and a negative attitude

Your job at SEAUTON involves a lot of travelling all over the world. Which life lesson has that taught you?
“Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t keep dwelling in negative feelings or experience. Humour and self-reflection can definitely help you with that. Believe in yourself and seek support from the people around you. And last but not least: don’t panic, everything will be all right in the end.”

What has been the coolest, most spectacular or memorable project you have worked on so far?
“I once organised a fantastic incentive trip to Botswana and Zambia; it was exciting from the very first day until the last. We saw the Big Five, looked down at the Victoria Falls from a helicopter, spotted zebras right in front of our hotel door, we made a boat trip at sunset and saw crocodiles, monkeys, elephants and hippos, and we enjoyed a massage in the middle of the jungle. It’s an experience I will never ever forget.

Where do you get the inspiration to give projects that typical extra SEAUTON-touch?
“ I love to keep up with all the latest trends and I’m often inspired by things I see on social media, lifestyle magazines, travel blogs and by my friends. I see it as a hobby to look for new event locations and trendy restaurants.”

Since you’ve packed and unpacked so many suitcases in your life, do you have any tips for us?
“I always have a toilet bag ready that contains everything I need. I also believe in multifunctional basics such as a large black scarf for women: you can wear it as a small vest or a sarong, or you can use it as a cushion or a blanket when you’re on the plane.”

If you could give us one advice about event organisation, what would it be?
“Never assume that everything will go as planned but always keep in mind that for every problem there’s a solution.”

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