Age: 48
Works at SEAUTON since:
January 2012
Function: Independent Staff Member since 2017, before she was International Sales Manager Seauton Holland
Dream-destination: Machu Picchu (Peru)
Likes: travelling, people, tennis, yoga
Dislikes: eggs and traffic jams

What is your job at SEAUTON?
"I'm International Sales Manager for SEAUTON in The Netherlands, where I started from scratch approaching new clients and markets. Today I manage a wide portfolio of clients in the pharmaceutical industry, ICT, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Consulting. Being able to build a relationship with clients, helping them to organise events as a part of their business and communication strategy - together with the project team in Belgium - is what I love most about my job. The result should be more than a good event. It must fulfil the client's objective, long term bonding with the client base for example, or the presentation of a vision on the industry. It's a great way of using my experience in marketing and communication."

You've just returned from Argentina. Was it a work trip or were you on vacation?
"At SEAUTON we are often invited by destination management companies promoting a country or region. This time I was invited to Buenos Aires and Patagonia to get to know the local event locations, conference venues, hotels, restaurants, ... It's interesting to see those places for yourself, especially if you're selling an event that will take place there, although I do admit this kind of work trip looks a lot like vacation. (laughs) It was also a great opportunity to visit Argentina again after 15 years. My husband and I have lived there for three years. We moved to Argentina for his job at a bank, and I used to work there as a logistical planner. We also lived a couple of years in Singapore, where I organised events for the National Museum."

Which SEAUTON-project is your favourite so far?
"We've organised quite some wonderful projects but if I have to pick one: the event for IBFD, an authority on cross-border taxation with many international clients. In 2013 the organization celebrated its 75th anniversary with a conference and a gala dinner for 400 of its clients and partners. It covered every aspect of event organisation, targeting the right audience, setting up an exciting content programme, company branding, ... Very challenging and very rewarding."

What kind of event would you like to organise at least once?
"I would love to organise a charity event one day, for example to support the fight against childhood cancer. It wouldn't matter whether it is a sports event, a gala dinner or something else. I have worked for a charitable organisation for a while and charity causes have always been close to my heart."

If you could give us one tip about event organisation, what would it be?
"As an event organiser you need to remember one thing: ‘The art of remembrance is the art of attention.' Nothing is more powerful than a personal approach. It's exactly what we do at SEAUTON: investing in the personal contact with our clients, focusing on clients' needs and being remembered by paying attention to quality."

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