The E for the Essential Characteristics of a Meeting Planner

Behind every successful conference or business meeting there is an experienced meeting planner. What does it take to become an expert at professional event planning? These are the essential characteristics of a successful meeting planner.

  1. Master negotiator

    Location is key in event planning, though it has its price. However, a good meeting planner will manage to negotiate the best conditions. Het will get you a fair price, book the hotel rooms with the best view, and negotiate free upgrades and flexible arrangements.

  2. Wizard with numbers

    Balancing the budget can be a real challenge if you are planning an event. A good meeting planner designs your business event around the available resources and not vice versa. He studies contracts with suppliers, calculates prices correctly and trims event costs if he has to.

  3. Creative with strategic vision

    A professional planner combines a creative mind with strong strategic skills. He will come up with fresh ideas, look for unexpected locations and add original details to your event, but will keep his focus on your business goals and on what you want to accomplish at all times.

  4. Astute observer

    When it comes to event planning, even the smallest details make a difference. That is why an experienced meeting planner needs to have great attention to detail. He will keep a checklist of everything, to make sure that nothing is overlooked and everything runs smoothly.

  5. Hotspot hunter

    To find the best locations, the most charming hotels and the most exquisite restaurants, a meeting planner needs to know all about the latest hotspots, everywhere in the world. To keep up to date, he uses his network and is always looking for new locations on blogs, websites and in magazines.

  6. Jack of all trades

    Briefing suppliers, planning the logistics of your business event, but also testing the sound and light system, helping to drag in some extra equipment or furniture and cleaning up after the meeting. A successful meeting planner is a jack of all trades who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves.

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