Futureproof (digital) solutions to connect people

Seauton guarantees to connect people through exceptional and extraordinary meetings and events. That is our core businesss. That is who we are.

Let's connect! 

Whatever challenge you face, we have experience in delivering solutions meeting your objectives. And they are sustainable as well!

Together with our partners, Event Pilots and Streamdis, we can work out tailormade digital event solutions combining:

1. Live stream

Digitize your event and broadcast it  to as  many  participants as you want.
Digitization of speakers  can be done at a central event venue, a specific location, in a fully equipped studio,…

2. On-demand streaming

All your presentations and video are  recorded in advance
At a specific time, we  publish  your digital event so that it is  available upon demand , anytime, anywhere.

3. Digital meeting

Ideal for a limited number of participants, allowing interaction and presentations in two-way directions: a video conference.

4. Virtual reality

Build your event in a virtual world.

5. Branded digital event venue 

Via their browser, participants can check-in to an event, find all necessary information, access the stream.

6. Event experience box

A custom made, branded box designed to bring in some live experience feeling. Sent and delivered to all participants before the start of the event.
The box can contain a participant badge, catering, documentation, branded gadgets,….

7. Mobile app

Facilitating human interaction and engagement.  A tool to communicate with participants and provide networking opportunities among participants.articipants, allowing interaction and presentations in two-way directions: a video conference.

Tell us what challenges you are facing.  We are only one phone call or e-mail away.

Jan Samyn 

M.: + 32 475 34 31 20
@: jan.samyn@seauton-international.com

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