That is, all employees in the MICE sector. Because what do we do in our free time, our hard-earned leave after a year full of European and intercontinental flights, international inspections, packing and unpacking innumerable times, dynamic last-minute projects in far-flung parts of the world, international conferences, study trips, fam trips, trade fairs, ... what do we do then?
What do you know, we set off on the next trip, it can't come soon enough. Hard to believe it, isn't it?

Enjoying a relaxing long weekend… can't we go off somewhere then? We need a week's recuperation… why not go skiing, it feels like snow! In other words, one little local shower over Wijgmaal around midday… Ibiza seems to be a good trip and a handy place to be (and there are seats on a flight this evening).
Hopeless, we're completely hopeless.

One of the most important questions I ask when someone new comes to work for us is: ‘Could it be that you've got a screw loose? You personally?’ I add to make it perfectly clear. Clearly a screw loose, then. Because, for me, that's the most important thing that really tells me a person can do the job. Someone who's completely 'with it' won't get far in our industry. Running round in circles is our thing, because if there's one sector where you really can square the circle, then it's ours.

As it happens, I'm also busy with my own private road trip round Europe and I am completely, but completely, relaxed and enjoying just letting it all happen, wonderful!
Through Luxembourg (oh yes, a fam trip in September, I can't wait!), France (I'll just check out those expressions of interest for Paris, Cannes and Toulouse in the morning), Switzerland (aha, there's that customer in Basel, I'll send off an e-mail tomorrow to arrange an appointment. I must get in touch with Myriam too), Italy (hotel a bit of a disappointment, we'll strike it off the list, reception not friendly, no daylight in the meeting room, although the dinners do meet the pharmaceutical industry guidelines), then on through Slovenia (amazing roads! Our automotive customers are going to like this!), through Croatia (shame about the flight connections, I must just check again tomorrow!), through Austria (oh, yes! conference request in Vienna for next year, make an appointment!!), Germany (must check out that hotel in Nuremberg again) and the Netherlands (yummy, bitterballen!!).

Just a shame I don't get stamps in my passport any more, I do try, at every border, as I put on my biggest and brightest smile…
‘Are you sure you haven't got the odd screw loose?’, is the only answer I get as I glumly set off for the next border.

Until next month, Jan

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