Age: 28
Working at SEAUTON since: March 2017
Role: Project Manager
Dream destination: Argentina and New Zealand, to name a few.
Loves: Enjoying the small things. And travelling. Of course.
Really doesn't like: Injustice.

How did you end up at SEAUTON?

"Through Google! Imagine that! I had been looking for a job in the event industry for several months.  And they are few and far between. I looked on regularly, the go-to website for job listings these days. But without any success. Until one day I typed a mix of words into Google that brought me to the Seauton website. And there was a Project Manager vacancy too! My lucky day, I guess. I'm super happy here."

What do you like most about your job?

It's difficult to choose! It's a combination of things that I really like doing actually: organising, travelling, having responsibility, being creative, problem-solving. And of course, the destinations themselves. Last year I travelled to Geneva, Paris (3 times!), San Diego, London and Miami. How many people can say that?

What project would you like to supervise?

“I don't have to thing long and hard about that. I'd love to do an international film première! Whether it is in Cannes, Berlin or Ghent."

If you could give one tip for organising meetings, what would it be? 

“Work in a structured way so that you always have an overview.”

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